“I found in Zurich something different – an option to do something real and be innovative.”

Kevin Kipfer

Artificial intelligence expert

Artificial intelligence expert Kevin Kipfer (photo)
Kevin Kipfer, artificial intelligence expert.

Zurich’s employees are proving that we can move quickly, even as a global company, to simplify how we work. To drive change now and in the future, we’re seeking new talent in unconventional places. And we are pleased when motivated individuals with a sense of purpose choose Zurich, helping us to achieve a truly customer-led transformation.

Cecilia Parnell, speaking at a Make the Difference event (photo)
Cecilia Parnell, speaking at a Make the Difference event.

Applying tech solutions to real life

Some computer science graduates dream of working at a big tech company. But Kevin Kipfer was attracted to Zurich by the opportunity to make changes that really help people. “I found in Zurich something different – an option to do something real and be innovative,” he says. One of his projects before joining Zurich was for an airport, building computer models that can think like humans to predict weather. At Zurich, he works as an artificial intelligence expert. His skills are helping us to speed up our responses to messages from customers, allowing us to deal with claims and other issues much faster (in seconds, as opposed to hours or even days) – and with a high degree of accuracy.

Hiring talent to build tomorrow’s solutions today

We are keen to recruit talent and raise awareness of opportunities in insurance. One way we do this is by supporting so-called ‘hackathons,’ contests that draw young, innovative programmers to compete in solving specific problems under tight deadlines – often from start to finish over one weekend. These events also provide opportunities to spot new talent. “Our future employees may be at these events,” says Mélina Carnal, a Zurich recruiting consultant in Switzerland, who often speaks to potential new recruits, including those attending hackathons.

Mélina Carnal, recruiting consultant (photo)
Mélina Carnal, recruiting consultant.

How employees are making a real difference across Zurich

“Zurich’s ‘Make the Difference’ campaign marks a turning point in our culture,” according to Cecilia Parnell, Strategic Specialist at Zurich North America. She is part of a team implementing this global initiative launched in 2018, which invites employees across Zurich to submit ideas to improve how we work. Of the over 400 proposals received so far, ideas already being adopted include those that benefit customers, such as streamlining our processes, transforming our approach to performance management, and introducing simpler language in policies. Through Make the Difference, Zurich also launched an online ‘Zurich Store’ that encourages employees to share ideas and new customer solutions across businesses and regions.

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Always transforming

We benefit from local expertise, cultural awareness and different perspectives provided by the many different nationalities represented in our workforce of about 54,000 employees. A balanced workforce reflects the diversity of our customers. We want to give every employee the opportunity to work to his or her full potential. We have been certified by EDGE, the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality, since 2015. Stonewall, Europe’s largest lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) charity, included us as the first insurer in its Top Global Employers list in 2018.