“We are transforming how we serve customers by building solutions around the services they truly need to make their lives easier and simpler.”

Gian Paolo Meloncelli

Head of Business Development and New Ventures

Ron Glozman, founder and CEO of Chisel AI, gold winner, Zurich Innovation World Championship (ZIWC) (photo)
Ron Glozman, founder and CEO of Chisel AI, gold winner, Zurich Innovation World Championship (ZIWC).

Working with our own employees and with other companies including startups and established enterprises, we aim to provide solutions and services that will help us to strengthen customer relationships.

Innovations that matter to customers

We want to make sure we help to protect and simplify customers’ lives. To do this more effectively, we are developing networks supported by communication platforms, data links, sensors and connected appliances to better address key areas of customer needs.

Cyber risk and protection

In 2018 we opened a center to monitor cyber threats and provide crisis management, and launched an updated global cyber insurance policy to protect against breaches in data security and privacy. As an emerging risk, we believe cyber needs to be well understood. By offering commercial customers risk prevention and mitigation services, we can complement our insurance offerings.

We continue to raise awareness of cyber risks through studies like our annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management survey. We also support public and private efforts to address the risks of cyber crime, including through the World Economic Forum.

Smart homes and buildings

We are working with leading technology companies, service providers and startups to provide new solutions that allow customers to stay connected with their homes and properties, and with Zurich. By combining insurance, technology and services, our customers can monitor their homes and mitigate risks in real-time.

Smart devices can respond to emergencies and alert help if needed, while insurance cover and risk expertise add another dimension of protection, aiming to make customers’ homes and properties safer and more convenient.

Yamini Bhat, co-founder of Vymo, one of eight finalists, Zurich Innovation World Championship (photo)
Yamini Bhat, co-founder of Vymo, one of eight finalists, Zurich Innovation World Championship.

Seeking the best and the brightest ideas

In 2018 we launched the Zurich Innovation World Championship, a contest aimed at startups. The winning ideas, in areas vital for our industry, will be shared with our customers. The company that won gold, Chisel AI, has developed a natural language artificial intelligence processing tool for the insurance industry that can vastly speed up information handling, potentially allowing us to serve customers faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy.


We want to help people live healthier lives, and if necessary, make it easier for them to manage chronic conditions. We are engaging with both our corporate customers through employee benefit solutions, and individuals, using innovative technology that allows users to track activities, learn more about health, access specialized services to manage stress, and understand how lifestyle choices affect well-being.

Our goal is to provide educational support, precise data on daily activities, coaching on nutrition, physical fitness and mental health, and even rewarding people for their efforts.


We are supporting drivers and commuters, making vehicles safer, and developing solutions that enable and are compatible with new and innovative forms of transportation, including ride-sharing and mobility on demand. By connecting drivers, vehicles and other aspects of the mobility spectrum, we can develop new networks to support good driving behavior and personalize the services we provide.

To meet all the Zurich Innovation World Championship finalists
Visit www.zurich.com/ziwc

ZIWC trophies (photo)
ZIWC trophies.

Always transforming

In 2018 we established an independent company, Zurich Insurance Mobile Solutions, to deploy innovative solutions on a commercial scale. We are also acquiring expertise by collaborating with start-ups and large tech companies, allowing us to rethink propositions, services and customer interactions. Data we gather is also relevant to our business, and we are constantly seeking to improve the technology we use to analyze it, starting with introduction of data punchcard machines in 1930. In 2018 we set up Zurich Customer Active Management to more quickly analyze customer data, helping us increase customer engagement and loyalty through personalized advice and services.