“The most important thing you can do is listen to your customers.”

Felix Pfister

Owner of a Swiss gardening business and long-time Zurich customer

Felix Pfister holding apples (photo)
Pfisters carrying apples (photo)
Business owner and Zurich customer Felix Pfister, and wife Maya Pfister-Gerber.

At Zurich, we try to see every business and every customer as an individual. And we are getting better at listening to customers to understand their individual needs.

Maya Pfister-Gerber, Felix Pfister and Norberto Orbetti (photo)
Maya Pfister-Gerber, Zurich’s Norberto Orbetti, and Felix Pfister.
“Insurance is like gardening. You need to take time to develop it, and consider the future.”
Felix Pfister

Owner of a Swiss gardening business

We’re helping a Swiss business owner to focus on what matters

Over 30 years ago, Swiss business owner Felix Pfister became a Zurich customer. He is still one today. We are proud that customers rely on us, including businesses ranging from big corporations to small ones. The gardening business Felix set up in 1983 has depended on us for insurance, and we’ve been there to provide support over the years. “The most important thing you can do is listen to your customers,” he says.

We also help our customers focus on what’s important to them. For Felix Pfister, that includes a family-run farm north of Zurich in the Canton of Thurgau. The farm, ‘Seehalde,’ with its traditional fruit orchards, has been in his wife Maya Pfister-Gerber’s family for generations. Produce includes over 30 different types of apples – a clear vote in favor of biodiversity. “We are thinking for future generations,” Felix Pfister says. With Zurich to protect his business, he and his wife are able to pursue their passions.

Norberto Orbetti and Felix Pfister (photo)
Maya Pfister-Gerber inspects fruits (photo) Fruits (photo)
Pfister's apples (photo)
The Pfisters grow over 30 different types of apples on a family farm.

Always transforming

Zurich is listening to customers. In 2018 we expanded our system to measure customer satisfaction and gather feedback using the net promoter score to over 20 countries, or 90 percent of our business, generating over 760,000 individual customer responses. Over 50,000 of those customers also received a so-called ‘close-the-loop’ call, often from Zurich’s senior management, to better understand and act on feedback.