“This platform has helped us to enhance the buying experience.”

Tom Henschel

Finance Director, Manly Honda, Santa Rosa, California

Finance Director Manly Honda – Tom Henschel (photo)
Tom Henschel and Dennis Gingrich (photo)
Tom Henschel and Dennis Gingrich, Regional Finance Executive, Zurich North America.

Zurich aims to make it easier for U.S. dealerships to help their customers protect their new vehicle by taking some of the stress out of choosing the right protection products.

Manly Hondas' Vehicle Protection (photo)
“We truly feel that this platform will help us be the first in our area to achieve a 90-minute start-to-finish sales process.”
Tom Henschel

Finance Director, Manly Honda, Santa Rosa, California

A simpler way for car buyers to choose optional protection

Manly Honda was the first Honda dealership in the Continental U.S. The business today averages sales of approximately 500 vehicles per month. The dealership first introduced Zurich’s Finance & Insurance (F&I) Online program to customers in 2017. It has helped improve both customer service and F&I product sales for the dealership.

“We at Manly Honda feel that with Zurich’s F&I Online program integrated into our website, consumers remain on our website to educate themselves on the products so they can make a well-informed decision at time of purchase. They come prepared knowing what they are considering for their purchase using credible information,” according to Tom Henschel, Manly Honda’s Finance Director in Santa Rosa.

A simpler way to select F&I

F&I refers to a range of protection products available to people buying vehicles at a dealership. F&I products can provide customers with peace of mind, and potential savings against costly repairs. Customers may select coverage if, for example, they’re worried about mechanical breakdown, tire damage, door ‘dings’ or losing vehicle keys. Choosing the right options is time-consuming. To help the dealerships provide better service to their customers choosing F&I options, Zurich North America launched an online program available through dealership websites, helping to educate customers about the different products available. Testifying to the value of this approach, more than 500 of our auto dealership customers, or approximately 30 percent, have integrated Zurich’s F&I Online into their websites.

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Tom Henschel and Dennis Gingrich (photo)
Car and tools (photo) View of employees in garage (photo)
Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, California (photo)
Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, California.

Always transforming

Zurich is one of the largest insurance providers for franchised auto dealers in the U.S. and one of the top suppliers of F&I products and services. Zurich opened its first U.S. office in 1913, already seeing potential for growth when Henry Ford introduced assembly lines that put cars within reach of ordinary Americans. Zurich’s history of insuring U.S. car dealerships goes back almost as far: Universal Underwriters, one of the oldest and largest dealer insurers in the U.S., began insuring car dealerships in 1922. That company was acquired by Zurich in 1982.