“If I can help people express their feelings without fear of judgment, then I’ve done the job.”

Hannah Tyrrell

Member of Ireland’s Rugby World Cup Sevens squad 2018, and ambassador for Tackle Your Feelings

Jack McGrath, Irish rugby player and Tackle Your Feelings ambassador (photo)

Rugby Players Ireland is helping communities to open up about mental well-being through Tackle Your Feelings, which addresses issues that are not always easy to talk about. Zurich is proud to support these efforts.

Tackle Your Feelings ambassadors Hannah Tyrrell,Jack McGrath, and Shane Jennings (photo)
“I hope Tackle Your Feelings will encourage more people to open up and seek help when they feel under pressure.”
Jack McGrath

Leinster and Ireland rugby player, and ambassador for Tackle Your Feelings.

Getting tough on stigmas surrounding mental health

Ireland’s Tackle Your Feelings campaign is led by Rugby Players Ireland: its vision is for a society where emotional vulnerability is viewed as a strength. The goal is to help people open up about problems and concerns that might affect their mental and emotional well-being. The message resonates especially with those for whom rugby players, as sports heroes, might seem anything but vulnerable. It is a particularly poignant message in Ireland, which has one of the highest youth suicide rates in Europe, particularly among young men.

Zurich has supported Tackle Your Feelings over three years to 2018.

In late 2018 Zurich launched a similar program called Mindfit in Australia, where the success of Tackle Your Feelings is being replicated in a collaboration between Zurich Australia, the Australian Football League Players’ Association (AFLPA) and the Australian Football League Coaches’ Association (AFLCA). Mindfit will also focus on supporting mental health in local communities.

More information about Tackle Your Feelings

Hannah Tyrrell, Irish rugby player and Tackle Your Feelings ambassador (photo)
Tackle Your Feelings ambassadors Hannah Tyrrell, Jack McGrath, and Shane Jennings.

Always transforming

As insurers, we play an increasingly important role in supporting society. One way we help to address issues affecting communities is through programs for which the Z Zurich Foundation (ZZF) provides support. Zurich offices can apply to the ZZF for funding for such programs. Throughout 2018 we provided financial support to over 20 of these, including to empower young people, especially where unemployment is high, and disaster resilience. We also support health and well-being through programs like Tackle Your Feelings.