Creating sustainable value

The resources we use


Our investors provide the financial capital that sustains our business.


Our expertise, including in risk management and investment, contributes to our success.


Our approximately 54,000 employees include some of the most talented people in the insurance industry.

Social and relationship

We maintain strong social ties and relationships with customers, intermediaries, regulators, policymakers and others, locally and globally.


In our daily business we use natural resources as part of doing business. We conserve them and use them wisely.

What We do

Our employees are helping our retail and commercial customers to understand and protect themselves from risk.

Property & Casualty

Insurance, services and risk insights


Protection, savings and investments

Serve customers and distribute through multiple channels

Our products and solutions are available to customers with a focus on great customer service, through many channels: directly, or indirectly via brokers, through employee benefits consultants, and in cooperation with third parties including banks, travel providers, retailers, rental agreements and car dealerships.

Underwrite and manage risk

Insuring and managing risk is central to what we do. Understanding, measuring and modeling risks helps us to price risk fairly and offer competitive premiums to customers, who also look to us to provide expertise aimed at mitigating risks.

Manage reserves

Our Group-wide policy, the ‘Zurich Way of Reserving,’ with well-defined and prudent standards, is the basis for how we calculate insurance liabilities. Our reserving process is supported by strong governance, including extensive internal and external reviews.

Invest and deliver returns

Our income includes returns from invested premiums, policy fees and deposits. Our success as a business is important to those who depend on us to reliably pay claims, as well as investors who look to us to deliver savings returns and operate our business responsibly.

Manage claims

In 2018, we paid out more than USD 22 billion in claims. To ensure that we provide a positive experience to customers who do business with us, we are systematically listening to customers through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) system, not only as part of our claims process but throughout all customer touchpoints.

And this is how our employees help our retail and commercial customers to understand and protect themselves from risk.

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The resources we use How our stakeholders benefit

How our stakeholders benefit

We create value for our customers

by helping them understand and protect themselves from risk.

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We create value for our employees

by aiming to give each the opportunity to work to their full potential.

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We create value for communities and society

including by mitigating risk and sharing knowledge and expertise.

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We create value for our investors

by paying an attractive and sustainable dividend and maintaining a strong balance sheet.

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What we do The resources we use